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SBTI can craft a learning experience like no other. We will customize our materials to your company's needs.
SBTI can travel to meet your needs. If you need an executive overview or a corporate-wide Six Sigma or Lean deployment, we can meet your needs.
SBTI has met with top executives around the world. We have promoted six sigma and lean to the farthest reaches in the world.

Integrated, Intelligent and Inclusive

SBTI has developed, managed and continually upgrades one of the industry's most comprehensive set of courses ?covering all aspects of process improvement that follow the SBTI strategic roadmap for development. The SBTI Universe starts with strategic development, through the unmatched SBTI Master Black Belt CORE Program and MDD Advanced Electives all the way to Project Management. SBTI has a set of standard for course content that is focused on a comprehensive and complete transfer of knowledge.

Over the period of more than a decade, SBTI has trained thousands of Champions, Green Belts, Black Belts, Lean Leaders® and several hundred Master Black Belts who are delivering breakthrough results across the globe. These courses were at one time exclusively for the development of licensed clients of SBTI. Now, the entire collection of integrated, industry-leading courses are available to a broader offering.

Through the right selection of courses SBTI provides options for companies who wish to develop their team's skills in areas like problem solving, data analysis, communications, leadership ?all taught by world-class instructors who have direct experiences working in and leading successful corporate results initiatives.

SBTI also offers continuing professional development for SBTI-trained Master Black Belts and advanced Black Belts to expand their knowledge and skill set base beyond their initial training. Class schedules vary per course.

Course Catalog: Table of Contents


Deploying Lean and Six Sigma is a complex undertaking involving all levels and functions within the business. SBTI approaches all deployments from five distinct and overlapped phases.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Mapping Workshop
Balanced Scorecard Workshop
Strategic Initiatives Workshop
Policy Development (Hoshin Kanri)

Planning For Change

Executive & Managers Workshops
Executive Workshop (Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Sigma)
Champion Workshop (Lean, Six Sigma and Lean Sigma)
Champion Workshop (DFSS or Lean Product Development?
Business Process Management System Workshop (BPMS)
Deployment Support Training & Workshop
Lean Sigma Awareness Training ((e))
Financial Planning Workshop
HR Workshop
Project Management for Lean and Six Sigma Leaders
Deployment Support Assessment
Program Assessment
Deployment Support Consulting
Executive & Steering Committee Mentoring and Support
Project Leader Mentoring & Support
Healthcare Industry Workshops

Rapid Profitability Improvement

Operations Training & Workshops
Lean Sigma Operations Black Belt Training
Lean Sigma Operations Green Belt Training
Lean Sigma Operations Green/Black Belt 2+2 Training
Lean Sigma Operations Yellow Belt Training
Lean Sigma Operations White Belt Training ((e))
Six Sigma Operations Black Belt Training
Six Sigma Operations Green Belt Training
Six Sigma Operations Yellow Belt Training
Six Sigma Asset Dependability Green Belt Training
Lean Enterprise Training
Lean Leader® Training
Accelerated Lean Sigma Black Belt Training
Six Sigma for Supply Chain
Discovery Event Facilitation
Operations Kaizen Event Facilitation
5S + 1 Event
Production Lean Implementation Workshop

Chemical Manufacturing Training
Service/Administration Training
Lean Sigma Transactional Black Belt Training
Lean Sigma Transactional Green Belt Training
Lean Sigma Transactional Green/Black Belt 2+2 Training
Service Design for Six Sigma (SDFSS)
Six Sigma Process Design (SSPD) Training
Office Discovery Event Facilitation
Office Kaizen Event Facilitation
Office Lean Leader®
Healthcare Training & Workshops

Long Term Growth

Discrete Manufacturing
Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Black Belt Training
Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Green Belt Training
Lean Product Development?(LPD) Black Belt Training
Chemical Manufacturing

Marketing for Six Sigma
Voice of the Customer (VOC) Training


Green Belt Train-The-Trainer
Master Black Belt CORE Curriculum
Master Black Belt Certification: Electives
E1 ?Lean Enterprise /Variation Flow
E2 ?Introduction to Design Processes (DFSS)
E3 ?Advanced Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)
E4 ?Transactional & Lean Tools
E5 ?Advanced Design for DFSS (Part I)
E6 ?Advanced Design for DFSS (Part II)
E7 ?Forecasting & Time Series Analysis
E8 ?Advanced Design of Experiments (DOE)
E9 ?Six Sigma Process Design (SSPD)
E10 ?Advanced Leadership and Communications