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SBTI can craft a learning experience like no other. We will customize our materials to your company's needs.
SBTI can travel to meet your needs. If you need an executive overview or a corporate-wide Six Sigma or Lean deployment, we can meet your needs.
SBTI has met with top executives around the world. We have promoted six sigma and lean to the farthest reaches in the world.

Black Belt: A Full-Time Project Leader With Their Sights Set on Results

A properly-trained Black Belt delivers projects with clear financial benefits. They are dedicated full time to facilitating and managing a number of projects within a larger program or deployment. They are a balance of hard- and soft-skills. Their hard skill set is a very comprehensive technical capability that allows them to select and utilize the right process improvement tools at the right time, with some predictability in results and return. On the soft side, they are leaders and communicators that know what it takes to move a project through a company. ( Soft Skills and Rapid Change (pdf) ) Just as important to the success of the programs, they are ambassadors of the process improvement methodologies ?because they know what works.

Black Belts can be universal or trained with specific objectives or business processes in mind. Look to the associated links below. They all can establish value to any project or problem-solving event.

An SBTI-trained Black Belt usually produces about $1MM in quality improvements per year. This may vary depending on the industry and the opportunities available.

Black Belt Courses:

  • Lean Sigma Black Belt
  • Lean Sigma Operations Black Belt
  • Lean Sigma Transactional Black Belt
  • Lean Sigma Operations Green/Black Belt 2+2
  • Lean Sigma Transactional Green/Black Belt 2+2
  • Six Sigma Operations Black Belt
  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) Black Belt
  • Lean Product Development Black Belt
  • K-Sigma?Black Belt
  • Technology Design for Six Sigma (TDFSS) Black Belt

For information on courses underlined above, contact SBTI at: Customer@sbtionline.com.cn